Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just for the heck of it!

I really don't have anything exciting to blog about, but I just could not let it go on any longer. The girls are loving school, I am loving school, and I think we are getting into the swing of things. The hardest part is finding clothes for me to wear and getting everything ready for the day, the night before. I have never been much for a schedule or planning ahead, but it has been nice having everything organized and structured. I think I needed this a little bit in my life. Tell me how your year is going, and any organizational help you may have for me! Thanks for your input.


  1. oh, how i wish i could be organized:)

  2. Hi girl! I'm so GLAD you guys are getting into the swing of school!!! :D Just wanted to stop by and say HI!!

  3. it's about time you updated.
    you know I have no organizational advice other than hoping there are clean clothes in the dryer.

  4. Lay out all clothes at night - also full bookbags with signed papers, etc. Cook at least 2 meals at one time and eat off those and the leftovers for several days. Go through bookbags and papers as soon as you come in the door. When you sort clean laundry, have a basket for each child and let them unpack it every night or so. Have a list of chores assigned for each kid. After homework let them do chores before dinner. This is probably all obvious but it works for me (most of the time...)