Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This is what my kitchen table looked like this evening! Full of all kinds of school goodies! We love school supplies and shopping for them. In the bottom picture, the girls were trying to decide who's backpack weighed more, I think they both weighed about 300 lbs. They got to pick their own style and I compromised, I let them pick their own font if I got to pick the font color.
This year we will be attending a new school and our school has a dress code! I love it! We have had tons of fun looking for things in the school colors, ordering bows, ribbons, headbands, all with monograms of course! Little plaid jumpers and knee socks, skorts, sweaters, and white button down shirts! The girls are just as excited about it as I am! They look so "school girl" in their outfits! I will post those pics soon enough!
Tomorrow we go and meet their teachers. The girls are absolutely giddy! The excitement made it very difficult for them to settle down for devotion and bedtime. Adeline's teacher is a good friend of mine and in my Girl's Night Out group and Lillian's is also a friend and the daughter of one of our former pastors. So happy with these ladies! They have been showered with prayer! We have had several calls from friends that work at their school telling us that they will watch out for them and that they are going to have the best time. That makes a mom feel much more at peace!
Meanwhile, I have my classroom all set up and ready to go! I love the ladies I work with, I have gotten to know several new faces and hang out with others I have known a while and go to church with. I am looking forward to getting to know my kids and a great school year!

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