Thursday, August 13, 2009

Simmons's Houshold QUIRKY Quote of the Day!

The girls and I were sitting on the couch talking over their school day, and Lillian was telling us how tired she was. She then said she wanted to watch Peter Pan, but I had to tell her no because it was a school night and she did not want to be REALLY tired tomorrow. So she says,"Mama, I wish I could break up with school so I can stay up late."

Another conversation this evening-

Lillian- Sometimes I have to raise my voice to tell Adeline to flush the toilet.

Adeline- Oh, I hear her, but I just choose to ignore her because she is too demanding.

Lillian- Well, then I flush it for her, because I don't want it to stink up the whole house!

Such deep discussion topics.


  1. That is hysterical. Don't you just love overheard conversations?

  2. And to think that conversation came from your two GIRLY GIRLS! They put it alot nicer than Aidan and Mason do!!!