Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Girl's Loft Projects!

Due to TONS of illness including Swine Flu, Bronchitis, Fever Virus, and just a plain ol' nasty virus, my projects for The Girl's Loft were a bit late! Thanks to Margie and the girls for their patience with me. Hopefully(?) we have all of this mess out of our systems. OH the joys of starting school! ANYWAY, here are my projects with another on the way! This kit was SO fun to work with! So many goodies! And the school stuff is really cute not gooby! Thanks for looking. Check out The Girl's Loft.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Story Behind THIS Little Birdie!

For all of you looking for something scandalous to talk about, here ya go. For those of you who care about me and/or went with me, as you know this was a VERY big deal to me. 35 was a bittersweet year. This tattoo marks many beginnings and endings. I am on the uphill climb to 40. I started a new job after being at home with my babies for many years. My babies have started school for the next million years, I was asked to be on two internationally recognized design teams (A DREAM), rid myself of some people that were dragging me down, joined an AWESOME spirit-filled church, and maybe the hardest of all, lost a baby. All of these things have created a very emotion filled year for me. I am also coming back to the ME I used to be. I am coming to understand that "WIFE" and "MOTHER" are awesome honors to behold, but not what defines me. I have always wanted a tattoo, but I am SO glad I did not get it way back when. I had no idea what I wanted then. I am so glad I waited to get it when I could incorporate my family and all that I am becoming. I am also blessed to have friends who stick by me and walk me through life, and the most amazing, kind, understanding, gentle, patient, loving,trusting, honest, husband a woman could have. Thanks for being part of my journey!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


You REALLY gotta check out The Girl's Loft! Septembers Kit is AWESOME! I have gotten it out and started playing with it and am completely amazed at all the goodness! So much! So Cute! So dying to put it together!

I am on my way to Scrapfest in Louisiana this weekend. I am teaching two fun classes and just enjoying hanging with my friends the rest of the time. As far as cropping goes, I hope to accomplish a couple of things. I have been asked to be a guest designer for a challenge blog based out of South Africa! Very exciting!!!! Got a little something started for that, and will be posting it soon. Next, Got some great new stuff from Glitz coming in to play with. Laura messaged me to let me know it was on the way! CANT WAIT! So much going on and i love it. I love to be busy doing things I enjoy! Keep checking back, projects posted soon! Have a GREAT weekend. I know I will!