Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Girl's Loft Projects!

Due to TONS of illness including Swine Flu, Bronchitis, Fever Virus, and just a plain ol' nasty virus, my projects for The Girl's Loft were a bit late! Thanks to Margie and the girls for their patience with me. Hopefully(?) we have all of this mess out of our systems. OH the joys of starting school! ANYWAY, here are my projects with another on the way! This kit was SO fun to work with! So many goodies! And the school stuff is really cute not gooby! Thanks for looking. Check out The Girl's Loft.


  1. awesome as always. did the same thing with my paper bag.. made flowers with the same punch!! love ya and need to see you soon!

  2. very cute pages! glad you are better! my son is home sick today again! I am trying to scrap!

  3. Love that 1st layout. So stinkin' cute.
    How long 'til Lafayette?!?!?!?