Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yes, I really paid GOOD $ for these!

Yes, I bought these for my girls. It was one of their happies in their bag I got on the way back from Atlanta. They love these crazy fake nails! They particularly love typing on the computer or talking on the cell phone with them on, I guess they think that makes them look older.
My question is.... Why do they make the toenails as long as the fingernails?? It's just gross, but they love it! I can only stand stepping on them so many times before they disappear one by one.
My girls are SO girly and easy to please. A set of fake nails and a lip gloss and they are SUPER happy! I hope they stay that way!


  1. hi anna bess

    it was so fun meeting you!

    you are super talented!



  2. Their nails look like the ones on Dragon Tales.