Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's My Honor!

Being a MOTHER is my greatest honor! GOD has SO Blessed me with two beautiful girls. I see so many qualities in them that remind me of Andy or myself. Yes that is good AND bad! It is just amazing to me how GOD takes the love of a man and a woman and uses it to create a LIFE! A life that becomes an individual with its own thoughts, feelings, personality, and so much more! There is no greater gift! Even though it is very overwhelming at times, it goes SO fast! We roughly have 18 years to keep them in our nest. To nurture them, teach them, protect them. Even now, my babies are five and seven and they don't fit on my lap like they used to. They ask me to hold them, but it only lasts a short time and then it gets uncomfortable for both of us. To think that it only gets harder to hold them that way makes me absolutely weep.

To know the JOY of loving my babies is something I cannot explain to anyone. You only know it once you have a child yourself. That overwhelming need to protect them. Make them know they are LOVED. Teaching them about God's love for them.

So, it is on this, Mother's Day, I am reminded again of one of the reasons for my existence! MOTHERHOOD! I will strive everyday to find JOY in being "MAMA". I urge you to do the same. Remember the day you held that bundle in your arms for the first time, smelled that baby breath, kissed those soft petal pink lips. Even with the everyday challenges they are my GREATEST GIFT! Thank you GOD for entrusting me with these two precious lives. I will L<3VE them, and protect them with every ounce of my being!

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  1. Nicely said. If only more people viewed being a mother as being an honor and a privilege! Happy Mother's Day!