Monday, May 11, 2009

Recap of Scrap Etc. Weekend

Gretchen Mcelveen. Memory Makers Master. I have gotten to go to a couple of events with Gretchen and have enjoyed getting to know her. Such an awesome scrapper and how come she has so many awesomely gorgeous men in her life??? And NO, my lions mane did not smother her. I moved away quickly so it did not overpower her.

Melodee Langworthy. Melissa looks scared to death. Could be the stress caused by the very detailed mini album we completed in Melodee's class. Awesome little book. Learned lots of new things to do with stamps. She was "ROCKIN" that tan too! I would know nothing about that. Melodee accidentally had to ride the Marta train with us. I feel that she was regretting that for days!
This is Elizabeth Kartchner! I love her style! Funky and free. We had a great time getting to know her and she has even commented on my little blog! I believe she used the words "SUPER TALENTED" in the same sentence with my name!!! "FREAKED OUT" oh yes I did! And yes, her body is half the size of mine. I was scared my fat arm was gonna crush her when we hugged up for this pic.!

This SASSY girl is Margie Romney-Aslett. This lady is SUPER fun and an unstoppable ball of laughs and good times. I so enjoyed talking with her and becoming "BOSOM" buddies;)! I look forward to all of the exciting things she has got brewing on the horizon. She has two girls that are night and day like mine.

Jessica Sprague. I will have to say I was not very excited about taking Jessica's class. It involved homework and Photoshop. Two things that I have never been fond of. I came away from the weekend totally impressed by this lady and her talents and heart. She had such encouraging words for me. Also, such a desire to teach and share her love for scrapbooking. She totally confirmed my belief in why I scrapbook. It's not just a hobby, it's so much more. I was completely in tears after she spoke at the party.

This is the Oh SO talented and SWEET Jenni Bowlin. She is very down to earth and loves what she does. I love to use her products! I get to hang with her again soon!
Finally, These are "THE GROUPIES". We had so much fun! Ate GREAT food, got beads for our PANDORA bracelets to remember our weekend, and discussed MANY broad topics! I am glad Lisa(crazy nut) got to come in from Connecticut. I look forward to seeing her again in June. Maybe we can go soon to see her for a "GIRLS" weekend in NYC! I am also glad my BFFS got to come too. Isn't it amazing how that all worked out in the end?!?!? I love you girls and can't wait to get together at the end of this month. The only thing that could have made it any better is if Beth and Stace could have been there. We will be hangin' out in the "woods" soon enough!
Lucy and Brittney and all of the Scrap Etc. crew did such an awesome job on this event. But then again, I haven't been to one yet that wasn't fabulous! I can't wait to see what they have coming up. So much fun stuff! Thanks ladies for your attention to detail and for such devotion to an awesome cause. Brittney, I admire your determination and spirit. At some point in every one of our lives we will call on one form of cancer foundation or another. I thank you for your generosity.
Until next time.....


  1. it was so much fun! I loved meeting our fabulous instructors and spending time with our superfantastic friends! Can't wait 'til June!

  2. glad you had fun!
    {"lions mane"-hehe!}

  3. i found your blog via gretchen:)
    i went to scrap etc last year, it was a great time. happy to see you had so much fun!