Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Check it OUT!

This a picture from this past weekend in Natchez. Lisa was a great speaker and fit right in with the crazy Southern girls. My classes went well, and I had an awesome time with my sweet friends.

Now we are settling into a routine and getting things ready to start my new job and a new school. I am starting a full-time job as a Teachers Assistant/ Interventionist. I took this job so that my kids could go to an awesome school, but it's not in my district. In order for them to go there, I must work there or own property in the district. I am looking forward to it, but not to the changes our lives are making. My babies are growing up too fast! I found several pictures from a few years ago during Hurricane Katrina. They were SO little and sweet! I need not go on. I do not need to work myself up. We have had tons of fun this Summer and the good times will not end just because school has started. Cherish the time you have with your babies!

We are off to meet our friends and get our uniforms and school supplies. A fun tradition we started years ago. We take the girls on a little date and then get all of the necessities. Do you have a tradition that you take part in before school begins?


  1. We have a tradition of making mad dashes to all the stores for supplies and uniforms, does that count?

    Congrats on the job! Hope it works for you and your family.

    How was Lisa? She was not able to come to CKU Nashville when I went, so I only met Tim Holtz, Ali Edwards, Jessica Sprague & Becky Higgins. LOL I figured she'd be down to earth due to her staff being the same way.

    Nice shirt btw!

  2. Hey! We look pretty good in this picture!! I need to post it on my blog too!

    Good luck with the new job! One day when your girls are all grown up, they will look back at all of the sacrifices their mom made for them and realize what an awesome person she is!
    (Of course, I already know that!!)

    Keep a positive outlook on the situation. Remember, this is going to be good for YOU also.

    See you in four weeks!! Love ya!