Monday, January 26, 2009


Are you still out there? As I stated in the beginning, I am not a writer and have very little time to think up interesting things to say. Therefore, I have had the same post on here for two weeks or so. I know, boring. Or so it appears here. In real life... not so much. I have been very busy with family, church, scrap deadlines and projects, and teaching at two crops two weekends in a row. FUN, FUN stuff. I hope to have pics up soon! Keep in touch!


  1. Um, yes, hello! You and Kerry are supposed to be my online entertainment! I have resorted to facebook and I hate facebook! (except for the fact that i have found friggin jr. high friends!) Get with the program and post some stuff!! Love ya!

  2. yeah, keep posting, woman!
    Melissa, am I not entertainment enough? ha.

  3. so AB your bg is the cutest that I have ever seen. Mind sharing where you got it? tia. just text me...