Friday, December 26, 2008


I hope that everyone has had an Awesome Christmas, full of traditions and moments that will forever be remembered. I guess my husband captured this moment and oh I am so glad he did! This is one of my holiday highlights. My mother took my girls to her workshop where she makes pottery and told the girls to pick out three things they thought I would like. A butterfly ornament, a snowflake, and a cross. They did a beautiful job. My neighbor, who is a second mother to me, gave the girls money for a Wal-Mart trip with her to pick something special for mom. Adeline picked a rain poncho and a PEACE ornament, because she said I needed a little "piece of quiet" and Lillian chose a set of Christmas hand towels. They were so excited for me to open their gifts. They kept it secret for several days surprisingly.
When I was flipping through my pics tonight I found this one and I LOVE it. It shows my sweet girls waiting in excited anticipation for me to see what they chose. I pray they are always so thoughtful and enjoy the "GIVING" part of this holiday. I am amazed everyday at the growth and changes my girls are going through. Andy and I seek God's guidance in our parenting, but never really know if what we are saying is soaking in. The other day Andy and I were talking about a friends blog who was disgruntled with the fact that people often intermingle Santa and the birth of Christ. For example, a Santa kneeling at the manger. We were questioning how one could possibly compare the two. I did not realize that my seven year old was listening in, but at that point she chimed in, " Mama, Jesus and Santa ARE alike. They are both men who give gifts without expecting to receive. That's how they are alike!" It took me a moment to put all of that together and I realized what she was saying. I hope that she understands what she said and the ultimate, awesome gift that GOD gave us, his SON. Without ever expecting anything in return. That was amazing to me. I pray they always remember that and never lose the joy of giving. Just look at their faces!

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