Saturday, June 6, 2009

WWOOooo HHoOooO!

OH HaPpY DaY Cindy!

You win! Of course no one guessed correctly, it really is an unusual item most of you are probably not around much. I cannot tell you what it is JUST yet. Not until it's posted on the website for Girls Gone Crafty! Y'all should join us. It's gonna be a blast.

I used the random number generator at
Cindy wins a Tim Holtz leather binder for storing acrylic stamps! Cindy you can email me ( your address or I can bring it to you when I head your way in a few weeks. Let me know. CONGRATULATIONS!

Thanks for playing along!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Anna Bess,
    What a pleasant surprise. I was checking your site to see if you posted what that craft was yet and discovered I had won. I love Tim Holtz.
    And I am so excited to be the lucky winner. I am still dying to know what the craft is.

    Cindy Faucheaux