Sunday, October 18, 2009

Refreshing Weekend!

This weekend was absolutely AMAZING! I truly had a blast. My body is sore from laughing. You know you have a great time when that happens. I love my girlfriends and the different gifts they bring into my life. (Don't feel left out gf's at home. I feel the same about you!!) We sat around one night and just talked about the blessing of having each other and how GOD brought us together and what each of us has meant in the others lives. HE so knew what I needed and that I didn't have to settle. You know you have a life connection when you share some of the stuff we've shared and when you do something crazy and look up and all five of you are laughing so hard no sound is coming out and tears are streaming down your face!

I was inspired by some of the greatest women in the scrapbook industry and did some awesome projects! It's also nice to talk to those ladies and have them encourage you. Thanks Margie for the words of encouragement and wisdom you shared. I am still in awe that you chose me to be on your team. I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!;) I am so glad we had a chance to crop and hang out into the wee hours. The wheels are spinning and great things are in the works! More on that a little further down the road.

Last and most importantly, I am so blessed to have a husband who encourages me to go on retreats with my friends. He NEVER complains about me going. In fact he enjoys having the girls all to himself. They get into lots of good times at the skating rink or movies or just hanging out at the house. I miss them when I go, but cherish the girl time I get. It makes me such a better wife and mom. I enjoy going, but am really glad to get home! Nothing is sweeter than walking through that door and having my sweet girls run up and grab me and tell me they are glad I'm home. AND Andy never ceases to amaze me with his mad housecleaning skills! My house always looks awesome when I get home. They love to do that to surprise me!

Just a summary of the weekend and a small glimpse into my life lately. Too busy taking advantage of God's precious gifts in my life to blog much. I'll get around to it again soon one night after everyone is asleep. Until then, having fun and counting my blessings!


  1. so happy for you!!!
    girlfriends i have met through this wonderful hobby we all love, are true gifts i will cherish forever.

  2. Couldnt have said it better myself. In fact, its what I wanted to say but I was too tired and opted for the short version on my blog. I was so tired that if I tried to say all of that eloquently it would have still had a bunch of sass in it equipped with head bobbing and finger pointing. You know you're my idol! I'm so proud of all that you have accomplished this year. Great things are coming your way AB! Love you and cant wait to see you again!

  3. Just love you. You bring so much to my life as well. Thanks for sharing all - love, life, talents, sass, humor, etc. You and our friends are treasures. Love being with you all. So happy to share some inspiring and cherished moments this weekend. Let's get together SOON. BTW - Andy is awesome. XXXOOO.

  4. LOVED meeting you after hearing so much about you! Can't wait until you come to BR!

  5. I'm a little late to the party on this post, but I agree with Beth and Mels. Y'all are dear friends and amazing women. Love your guts.