Friday, March 6, 2009


This is where I will be Saturday. I can't wait to spend the day with family and friends. Not a bad way to try and stir up a little business either! I will be displaying several of my altered pieces and scrapbooks that I have done for various people in hopes of getting a little extra work. This was definitely a GOD thing. Literally, the very moment I told my director I would not be returning to my job next year, a friend of mine sent me a message suggesting that I give it a try. Never in a million years would I have had this idea on my own! She saw some of my work and thought that others might be interested in what I do. I am very nervous to put my work out for public perusal, but am pretty sure if no one ever looks at it, I can't sell it. If you are in the area, come by. It's gonna be GREAT fun!

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